Limitations Of Flexible Working

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Many people think they understand all about flexible working but the term is still subject to a lot of confusion. Flexible working singularly alludes to any work schedule outside of normal working hours, style and patterns. This implies that the working hours, as opposed to being tedious and altered, can include changes and varieties. It can mean the employee has variables such as when they are required to work or even their place of work. With the changing in demographics of our workforce, monetary difficulties, economic challenges, fuel prices that increasing from time to time, and the common faced challenges that may came up everytime by using any kind of transportation by the employees, flexible work schedules may be a choice that can address the needs of both the employee and the employer. Employees can be flexible as possible, but will have to provide or offer a full service on predominant working hours of the working periods hours schedule that appointed, in allowing for alternative work schedules when it is determined to be in the best interests of the employee. These days, a few organizations have begun to offer their employee to choose and pick their own working time periods. This system is known and called as flexible working hours. This kind of system is most likely for the ease of employee to arrange their work time on how they wish. However, this system may seem unprofessional in working life but this flexibility is useful and effective for most
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