Limitations Of Lady Macbeth

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Have you ever felt constricted by society 's views on gender? Lady Macbeth used her avaricious and imperious personality to come off as a manly figure. Although she wanted to pursue power, she faced various limitations because of her gender. Her resolution was to use other people to make her way up to the top. Lady Macbeth has a strong desire for eminence and uses her husband Macbeth who trusts her so much to help her achieve that. First, she does not want to be a woman because she feels restrained and limited to her abilities. “Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here . . . “(12). She is feeling trapped in someone 's else 's body and by wanting to be “unsexed” she believes that becoming a man will solve all of her problems and make her life easier. Being in charge as women was completely unthought of at the time and she needed the additional help to become more powerful. Lady…show more content…
Lady Macbeth was thought of as being “abnormal” or weird just because she wasn’t the stereotypical woman which really reflected how women were thought of back then. Wanting power does not make you a man and Lady Macbeth had no other way to gain power other than through her husband. Nowadays it’s more common for women to be in charge but men are still the more “powerful” ones which makes it harder for women to feel comfortable being a leader. This insecurity has built up over the years and still stays with women all over the world. LIke Lady Macbeth she felt like she couldn’t do anything herself and needed a manly figure to do her deeds. She was culpable for some of the bad choices Macbeth made because she influenced many of his decisions. People often hid things from Lady Macbeth because they thought she was too delicate to hear anything that wasn’t about rainbows and butterflies, which is very frustrating because society says that all females are fragile and dependent to men. This is very degrading to all the women who want to be more than just a stereotypical
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