Limitations Of New Public Management

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What is New Public Management(NPM):
New Public Management(NPM) is abroad term that applies to two sorts of reforms,the use of market and quasi market mechanism to govern individual and organization and the use of management method include public sector organization.Mongkol has defined NPM as”a set of particular management approaches and techniques which are mainly borrowed from the private sector and applied in the public sector.
Emergence of New Public Management:
Traditional public administration contributed to many countries around the world up to the end of the 1960s. However, by the 1970s, there were calls for introducing a new management system based on market orientation. The need for such a management system was seen in the increasing number of harsh criticisms that showed that traditional public administration was no longer suitable, and thus should be replaced. Some of these criticisms of traditional models of administration included: large scale government resulting in overconsumption of resources; government involvement in too many activities; widespread bureaucracy; high rates of inflation; the absence of separation between policy and administration; the absence of rational decision making; and disregard for citizens’ satisfaction. The model was also criticized for being characterized by inefficiency, corruption, lack of accountability and inflexibility. These harsh criticisms helped in the rapid emergence of a new model, New Public Management (NPM). After that,
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