Limitations Of Planning In Construction

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Limitation of plan in construction project
Planning as one of the important components of the construction project management,it acts as a role of establishing goals and gathering information to help make decisions.The purpose of a project is to achieve a desired outcome.Once people want to get something,they will make a detailed plan to increase the possibility of success.Because of the improtance of planning,the planning process becomes very rigorous and precise.At the same time it means the planning is not a easy process.Because every following steps are based on our speculation,but the future can not be said with certainty.If managers try to make a successful and purposeful plan,there are many factors they need to consider.In the other
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With the development of technology and science,it brings convenience to people.At same time,it brings different kinds of pollutions.Some construcitons are built at the areas where the human beings to live in,the safety and health should be considered as a important factor.It also cause the limitation of plan of a construction project.For some factories project,the locations of factories need to be concerned seriously.One of the reasons is the pollution affect human;s life.Whatever the Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution will make big troubles of people’s normal life.More serious,it will damage to the human body.So the building areas of these kinds of projects are limited.Because of this reason,the project managers need to care about more questions,like the suitable locations,the extra cost and the transportation problems.Because the location of these factory\ies will always be very lonely.The second reason is the damage caused to the nature.The damage to the environment due to building the constructions is not allowed by the government,because the sustainable development is an important issue in today's society.The managers need to concentrate on these problems in the planning
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