Limitations Of Technology Banking

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CHAPTER 5 PATTERN AND DETERMINANTS OF TECHNOLOGY BANKING ACCEPTANCE 5.1 Introduction The chapter explains the technology banking acceptance by the customers across socio-economic groups and the problems related to the use of technology banking. The review of literature points out the influence of socio-economic variables on the usage of technology banking and the chance for disparities in usage across these socio-economic constructs. Thus it has been examined in Kerala context. To use technology banking it is necessary to use internet. The internet usage pattern has been examined in the previous chapter and has found that even in the case of internet usage there exist socio-economic disparities. Thus the chapter, in depth discusses on source of information on technology banking for the users, level of awareness about technology banking across socio-economic groups, usage pattern of ATMs, mobile banking and net banking and problems faced by users and also the reason for not using technology banking instruments. 5.2 Technology banking acceptance . By technology banking acceptance we mean, usage of technology banking by customers so that their banking needs are satisfied without visiting a brick and mortar institution efficiently and effectively. The acceptance of technology by the people can be explained by using Technology Acceptance Model suggested by David in 1989. Figure 5.1 Technology Acceptance Model Source: (Davis, Bagozzi & Warshaw 1989) An
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