Determinants Of Technology Banking Essay

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CHAPTER 5 PATTERN AND DETERMINANTS OF TECHNOLOGY BANKING ACCEPTANCE 5.1 Introduction The chapter explains the technology banking acceptance by the customers across socio-economic groups and the problems related to the use of technology banking. The review of literature points out the influence of socio-economic variables on the usage of technology banking and the chance for disparities in usage across these socio-economic constructs. Thus it has been examined in Kerala context. To use technology banking it is necessary to use internet. The internet usage pattern has been examined in the previous chapter and has found that even in the case of internet usage there exist socio-economic disparities. Thus the chapter, in depth discusses on source…show more content…
Both usefulness and easiness to use technology is determined by certain socio-economic variables such as gender, education, age, activity status, income and area of residence. We can find differences in technology adoption across the mentioned variables with an urban bias. It may be easy for the urban customers to adopt technology banking compared to their rural counter parts. Hence the theory of domestication works. The urban customers have the capability both in terms of infrastructure and skills to use digital banking. They will also recognize the benefits of technology banking which makes their banking activities smooth functioning. They can save time and money out of using digital banking. it will also ensure them privacy, prestige and suits their tech savvy nature. Since they are aware of the boons and banes of digital banking, they can keep themselves safe and secured too. The urban customers will get used to the technology banking instruments and gradually they demands new products and services to meet their growing banking demands where as the rural people will not be in a position to use even the basic technology based banking services. This creates a digital divide among people and it arises out of usage of technology banking, leaving the vulnerable in vulnerability itself. Thus it can hinder its very aim of achieving financial inclusion. Thus financial inclusion via technology banking is possible only when we apply technology banking cautiously by taking care of the divide it may

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