The Pros And Cons Of Technology Usage

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The Limitation of Technology Usage
Over the years technology has advanced significantly. Cell phones and the internet wasn’t open to the public about 20 years ago, now many people have cell phones that allow them to access the internet from almost anywhere. Generation Z, people born after 1997, has become so dependent on technology that it 's beginning to harm them. Until recently, parents became wary of the idea of children being addicted to technology due to the sudden rise of popularity in social media and video games. Parents should enforce age-based time constraints on the use of technology during leisure time at home to avoid bad habits and medical problems.
One of the key factors to unhealthy habits is technology. Hailey Middlebrook, a CNN journalist, states that digital media and video games should never substitute “sleep, social interaction and
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It actually does the opposite. Electronics causes many children to barely interact with others even when in the same room. This is because most children are “afraid to make a mistake” when talking to someone. Another key factor is that the internet causes others to not meet in person but face to face in a video chat. These video chats then lead others to stay on their electronics longer than recommended creating “a sense of social isolation.” In some cases, video or voice chats also make many adolescents very self conscious about themselves especially how they sound or look which affects them in the “real” world. Time constraints based on age should be implemented because it allows children to build social skills and self
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