Limitations Of Voting In The United States

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Over history, the limitations to voting have changed. First it was only white men over 21, then all men over 21, and so forth. Today, you must be at least 18 and a U.S. citizen to vote. Some states have lowered the age to 17 and some 16 while some states will argue that 16 and 17 is too young. Why is it that I can put my life on the line for my country at 17 but still not be able to vote? Although 17 is a young age to begin with, we still get to make the decision to go to the military. I do not believe that I should be able to put my life on the line for my country but not make a political decision for my country. While at war, soldiers would like to be at ease when they come home. Being able to have a say in who runs the country they are dying for will help settle their minds in knowing that they are fighting for something they are a part of and not just being told to. Which brings me to the youth having a voice. Today, the youth is expected to grow up and learn to make their own good choices. While the youth could be ignorant to a lot of real life realities, the government has effect on us too. There are many kids around the age of 16 who do not live with…show more content…
Although it may be true that the younger age group is not as involved in politics, it will give more variety yet accuracy to the votes. The youth and adults have two different mind sets. The youth is focused on the future and adults focus on now. While the adults are worried about taxes going up and going into debt, the next generation is worried about how we are going to recover. Getting the two differences will show what the country really thinks of the laws or president instead of getting it from one side. Voting is important in every country and there should be boundaries to who can vote. Although, the boundaries should be carefully thought out and consider everyone who may apply. Anyone old enough to risk their life for their country is old enough to vote for their
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