Limitations On Minorities Among Immigrants

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Limitations on Minorities
A limit will restrict one from receiving the opportunity they deserve. Although immigrants come for new economic and political opportunities, they are restricted from receiving all of these opportunities because they are labeled as a minority.
In society, many people look down upon immigrants causing an imbalance of economical possibilities. According to Office of the Historian, during the Gilded Age, there were many immigrants who came to America. The Chinese immigrants faced large amounts of dissent through the Chinese Exclusion Act “which, per the terms of the Angell Treaty, suspended the immigration of Chinese laborers (skilled or unskilled) for a period of 10 years.” This restricted the Chinese from receiving
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According to Mother Jones, “Over the past decade, Republican legislators have pushed a number of measures critics say are blatant attempts to suppress minority voting, including voter ID requirements, shortened early voting periods, and limits on same-day voter registration. But minority voters are often disenfranchised in another, more subtle way: polling places without enough voting machines or poll workers.” These restrictions cause a lower percentage of voter turnouts within the population of minorities. Due to this discrimination minorities are not correctly represented in society causing a greater bias towards undermining the minority. According to CNN, minorities in America have “less confidence in the criminal justice system” compared to white Americans. This inequality has caused minorities to lose faith in the American system of democracy. The shortage of political rights has caused a significant partition between majority and minority.
Minorities are defined as a group of people who deviate from the social, economical and political majority standards. The division of humans among these differences is diminishing the standards of humanity between

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