Limited Government Research Paper

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Citizens are very protected and served in America, and usually the efforts made in order to reassure our safety and our services provided, are not accounted for or appreciated. Do you know the principles of the United States that protect us? Citizens are protected and served by these few US government principles but many more as well. The ones I will be talking about are limited government, popular sovereignty, and separation of power. They are ways to make sure we can govern ourselves and do it fairly with fewer unhappy citizens and more grateful citizens. Limited government is a government outline where any more than minimal governmental intervention in personal liberties and the economy is not allowed by law, usually in a written Constitution. It is closely related to libertarianism, classical liberalism, and some tendencies of conservatism in the United States. In other words, limited government protects and serves us citizens by not using their overwhelming power to control citizens. It explains that the government has no natural or God-given powers; it has only…show more content…
In other words, popular sovereignty means that whatever is the most popular liking in the situation is usually what is going to happen and be passed by congress. It is to vote and have a voice for a new fountain at the lake or even for voting for a new president. Six conditions of popular sovereignty are, that government policies have to reflect the wishes of the people, government and leaders are elected, elections are free and fair, people participate in the political process and people have access to credible political information, and last but not least, majority rules. This keeps the people happy and involved in the
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