Limited Motion Cast Brace Case Study

358 Words2 Pages - Uses of a Limited-Motion Cast Brace When patients suffer certain injuries, they require the help of a limited-motion cast brace to protect the affect limb. The brace provides continuous support to the injured area while allowing a limited range of motion in the joints until the patients reach full recovery. Fractures, sprains or surgical procedures may cause the limbs to require this type of support temporarily. Patients need to have their braces custom fitted by an expert. How to Use Limited-Motion Cast Braces Many doctors turn to a limited motion cast brace to assist their patients healing process after certain fractures such as a tibial-femoral fracture. The brace provides either partial weight bearing or non-weight bearing support for the fracture while allowing the joints in the…show more content…
Only through this analysis, will the brace fit in a suitable and comfortable manner. An orthotic specialist will guide patients to the correct brace for their particular issue. Patients Should Wear the Brace for the Recommend Time Period In all cases, patients need to wear their limited motion cast braces for the prescribed period of time. The requirement for support will vary depending upon the severity of the injury or surgical procedure. If you need to wear one of these braces, you may start off with crutches in the beginning and slowly change over to partial to full weight bearing as the limb heals. To learn further details about the uses of the limited-motion cast braces, contact our office here at Northern Orthotics. We will guide to the correct brace for your specific needs. Northern Orthotics offers a full line of orthotic devices to fit a wide assortment of

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