Limo-Louxo Case Study: Limp-O-Lixo

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Executive Summary 2
Statement of the Problem 2
Causes of the problem 3
Decision criteria and alternative solution: 8
Recommendations 9

Executive Summary
Brazil has a population of 170 million and has been observed to have a growing economic cycle since 1990 's which has led to increasing purchasing power and consumption among people. Ad-Lider Emblagens, SA is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic bags and packaging in Brazil. The problem that has been under the light of this case is that the company’s current product “Limp-o-Lixo" isn 't able to fulfill the needs of customer despite having a huge market share of 38.79%. In order for the company to revive its current market position and to meet the changing demands of the consumer, the organization decided to launch a product household category in line with customer demands. The company needs to collect information about their target market as the company has already invested one million in the equipment of this product and hence they want to have sufficient knowledge for better marketing, targeting and positioning of the product. The company also sought for external help by hiring a marketing consultancy firm, ‘Synergia’. Focus groups were conducted in two cities, and the resulting recommendation was to fulfill the gap found in the market by the launch of a new product.
Statement of the Problem
Ad Lier, being one of the largest manufacturers of plastic bags and packaging, catering to an estimated need

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