Limvantages And Limitations Of Task Conflict

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Discussion and Limitations
As mentioned earlier, in the context of team diversity the existence of a difference in work background and belief structure, the ideas of individuals about some specific task, object and process, among the team members are often discussed. When these ideas differ either with respect to task given or on personal interactions, this can lead to conflicts in teams (Pernet, 2005). Precisely, a team conflict can be defined as a situation where one or some of the team members perceive that one or some of the other team members are opposing or negatively affecting their interests. Hence, conflicts may arise in different forms as discussed above. Task conflict can be defined as group member having different opinions with respect to the team task. Karen A. Jehn (1997) proposed a positive relationship between task conflict and performance as the critical thinking within teams motivates better decision making. Nevertheless, other studies claiming that task conflict also have a negative effect on performance (Ostapova, 2014). These studies argue that negative effect of task conflict emerges if the team members conflict with each other constantly by challenging each other’s’ opinion with respect to their tasks. Such a communication gap among the conflicting team members, is more likely to happen when diversity is high. This leads to less coordination to accomplish the task and hence performance outcomes are reduced (Köppel, 2007). Such work conflict and task
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