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“HISTORY HAS ITS EYES ON YOU’. Quoted by the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda from the 11 time tony award winning play Hamilton. He is known as an all original and talented musical composer, playwright, actor, singer, and dancer. He is most famous for his works in Moana, in the heights, and his original Hamilton. If you need an example of starting from the bottom Lin is a great one. He shows people that want to achieve their goals keep working because “you will one day find your Hamilton.” Which means you will find your success and your big break because that was his. Achieving and believing and creating a character of success for him. Lin Manuel Miranda truly is an inspiration because he turned nothing into something. Lin-Manuel Miranda was born January, 16, 1980 which makes him now 37 years old. He was born in New York City in the United States of America with a culture background of Puerto Rican. He was born to Luz Towns, a clinical psychologist, and Luis A. Miranda, Jr., a Democratic Party consultant who advised New York City mayor Ed Koch. Lin has a deep love for NYC and the theatre there his father once said ‘when you start to love something and…show more content…
But his first major role was in “In the Heights” were he both acted and wrote in the play. Lin won the lead role in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance. Then became a fixture in the school’s drama program. During that time he met Stephen Sondheim, who later became a mentor to Miranda, along with fellow musical-theatre legend John Kander. Lin was always creative and always had ideas but nobody saw them out. His hit musical Hamilton was a laughing stock when he told people but he overcame and was nominated for 16 record breaking tonys Plus he won 11 of them. He overcame obstacles and believed in himself no matter what because he believed and said “I can do it” and he

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