Lin Manuel Miranda Revolutionized American Culture

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Lin-Manuel Miranda revolutionized American culture, but specifically theater, music, and entertainment. Lin-Manuel was born January 16th, 1980 in Manhattan, New York. In the 1980’s, musicals and theater were very popular, but the idea of hip-hop music in them was not even thought about. However, Lin-Manuel Miranda changed that dramatically, and as a result, we have some very great works like Hamilton, and In The Heights that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote. Some of the reasons Lin-Manuel Miranda revolutionized American Culture are because he was very brave, because he revolutionized the way Americans thought about American history with one of his most famous works Hamilton, and because he brought people closer together by combining…show more content…
He has wrote many great plays and musicals, but one of his greatest works is Hamilton. Before Hamilton, many people just viewed him as a really old founding father who was pretty lame. But with Hamilton, Lin-Manuel used spunk and hip-hop to show all of Alexander Hamilton´s characteristics. Now, people view Hamilton as a intelligent, and important founding father thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lin-Manuel has brought many people closer together. Lin-Manuel Miranda has taken many unlikely things, like hip-hop, American history, theater and music, and put them all into one event. This way, people who like only one of those things can all enjoy his performances and now very different people can now relate with each other better. So if one person hates hip-hop, but loves theater, they will still be able to enjoy it, and they will have a reason to go to the performance. Lin-Manuel Miranda has brought many audiences and people closer together by combining many things together. Lin-Manuel Miranda has really revolutionized American culture, theater, music and entertainment. He does this because he is very brave, he revolutionized how Americans thought about history, and because he brought many people closer together. Lin-Manuel has made quite an impact on American
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