Lincoln Against Slavery

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All his life Lincoln was against slavery. It was well manifested during his time as a legislature where he was termed as the storm protest and later during his time as a president. The antislavery spirit was running deep down him, and this contributed to his protest against it. He geared the passing of pro-slavery resolutions, but most of the legislatures did not approve this. At that time there were no politics of opposition and the legislature saw this being unpractical for the political goodwill. To him slavery was wrong, and it was then that it became necessary for him to protest. Later on, Lincoln gave an electioneering speech that directly affected his opponent at that time was against the removal of slavery rule. The speech, therefore,…show more content…
Continually, he delivered his most famous house divided speech where he quoted from the gospels to explain that the government cannot sustain permanently with half slave and half free society. He later delivered another speech at New York City, and the Republicans chose Lincoln as their candidate for the presidential election in 1860. In the general election, his opponent Douglas who by then represented the northern democrats, though Lincoln won his way to the white house. It was then that civil war broke out and due to tension and pressures, Lincoln remove some troops from the command where he faced criticism for suspending liberty. He later proclaimed Emancipation proclamation that freed all the slaves in the rebellious states but left hose at the borders in bondage. This one of his greatest achievement in his term as the president. Moreover, he gave a delivery speech at the dedication ceremony that has also been a speech that is widely quoted. After his term, he faced a tough reelection battle from the Democrats. To him, he advocated for malice towards none and charity for all. He welcomed the southern states back into the fold. He was assassinated in 1865, and poorly he would not live to live his dream or carry his vision. I believe he is one of the best presidents the Americans had and made significant shifts the world will live to
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