Lincoln And Arthur Ashe Remembered: A Comparative Analysis

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In A Lincoln Preface it states Abraham was elected president in 1860(Carl Sandburg, pg 453), this shows that Lincoln was dealing with the slavery issue his entire presidency. They provide us information including Lincoln’s birth year being 1776, and that Harriet Beecher Stowe visited him(Carl Sandburg, pg 453, 454). This shows how much slavery was affecting him and the United States. In Arthur Ashe Remembered it told us how Arthur Ashe created the Arthur Ashe Foundation to help find a cure for aids and how he contracted it through surgery, this shows how much he cared about beating his battle with aids and how he wanted to help others throughout their battle too(John McPhee, pg 461). Also, about how Ashe received many honors throughout his tennis career including 1968 U.S. Open and the 1975 Wimbledon Singles Championship(John McPhee, pg 461). Throughout these two excerpts there were opinions as well. A couple examples of these are when Sandburg talked about how Lincoln was too crooked to lie…show more content…
Lincoln and Arthur Ashe When reading the excerpts of both A Lincoln Preface and Arthur Ashe Remembered I liked the way both writers wrote. The style of these are what caused me to have such a positive reaction to them. In A Lincoln Preface Sandburg clearly conveyed why Lincoln was important very clearly. It opened the readers eyes to see what he went through during his lifetime and how much he dealt with. They knew he dealt with slavery but more than likely did not know that he met with Stowe. In Arthur Ashe Remembered McPhee it showed how much Arthur Ashe has done to help people find a cure for AIDS and how important he was to raise awareness for it. I responded more to the description of Arthur Ashe than Abraham because Arthur had a rough childhood and made you feel a little sorry for him at the beginning. He had to overcome so much throughout his lifetime including becoming the first successful African American tennis
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