Lincoln And Douglass Debate Analysis

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Events such as Harpers ferry, The Lecompton Constitution, and the debate between Lincoln and Douglas heightened sectional conflicts. White abolitionist, John Brown, initiate an armed slave revolt in 1859 by taking over the United States weaponry , at Harper 's Ferry Virginia. The Lecompton Constitution allowed Kansas to be admitted into the Union as a slave State which brought more conflicts between the North and the South. Lincoln 's and Douglas debate was a debate in a campaign for one of Illinois two United States senate seats. The main issues discussed in all seven debates was slavery. Throughout the war, Slavery was the main key that brought more problems to intensify the start of the war between the north and the south. To demonstrate in the textbook, “The Americans”, the author states that, “Most white southerners also feared that an end to their entire way of life was at hand. Many were desperate for …show more content…

The quote shows the only way out for safety or protection is to secede from the state. The southern states seceded because of Abraham Lincoln 's election, which convinced that the slaves way of life based on slavery was threatened. Seceding from the state brought more intentions for the war to happen easily because states were separated and divided which brought issues in the union and the confederate states. Concerning the civil war, the north and the south used political strategies such as the anaconda plan and cotton to win the war. The anaconda plan was an idea by Winfield Scott to win the war. His plan was to blockade the entire south with the U.S navy closing all southern parts. Union troops surrounded the states in rebellion.This planned caused distrusting the southern

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