Employee Behavior: A Case Study Of James F. Lincoln Electric Company

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James F. Lincoln is the founder of the company. In 1895 he got his second patent, and with the little money he had, he opened up his own business. His management plan was rewarding his workers depending on their production. Instead of appointing people to be in charge he decided to collect votes from workers to determine who would get the position. He encouraged the employees to be the backbone of the company. Lincoln cared about the customers, and that is still true today. He was also against the formation of a union.
The main point in their mission statement seems mainly to be about taking care of their employees and customers, and providing the best and most reliable product at an affordable price. Taking care of their employees is what
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They also have a great job security system; if you work for them for over a year, they will not let you go or fire you unless it’s due to misbehavior
Running head: WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 3 3 or misconduct. Lincoln Electric provides life insurance policies for their employees, and if needed, will put you through welding school in order to better the company’s production and quality, which always makes costumers happy.
When every worker believes in the company and what it stands for, the company will progress above and beyond. The Lincoln Company success is based upon the performance of their workers. Rewards are given out for individualism and best performance. All of their employees believe in the company’s mission statement which means that they love what they do, and are therefore happy with the jobs that they perform. It was reported that the employees rarely take coffee breaks, or get caught just standing around and talking to co-workers about things that don’t have anything to do with the jobs that they are performing. What that means for the company is that management supervision is almost never
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When it comes to the other three sections, that score is made not just by the head of the department, but also by the department of inspections and department of engineering.
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Managers at Lincoln Electronics are encouraged to heavily interact with the employees; they are in charge of schedules and overtime, and they have the power to switch workers from one job to another, if they think that it will be better for the company in the long run. If someone needs a shift change they can go to the supervisor and he/she will either approve or deny it; their decision is final. You could say that they run their management in a hierarchical way.
The company’s founding father James F. Lincoln installed a certain amount of power behind his ideal management; he was always proud of the way workers fallowed the instructions of their supervisors without any questions, and what they say goes. In his eyes in order to be a great and successful manager, you have to be able to hold power over the workers and have their full attention and respect at all times.
The workers at the Lincoln Electronics factories are very well paid; in fact they get

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