Lincoln Memorial Essay

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Monuments are spread across the United States, all of which honor a memorable historical event or person. The mall of Washington D.C. contains vast amounts of statues in order to pay respects to the thousands of lives lost in wars, cherish our previous presidents and their previous achievements, or esteem previous figures who have shaped our history. For a monument to successfully honor an event or individual, the creators need to carefully consider its design, relation to visitors, and appeal. The design is important because it should be able to create a connection between the memorial and the event which it commemorates. The design of a memorial must incorporate key factors, such as names, to help honor the people and the remind the public…show more content…
People generally are fascinated by things which draw their eyes, may it be attractive or extravagant. The importance of designing a monument to allow the public to honor it or connect with it remains crucial. However, it also happens to be a very serious matter for the design to be appealing and attractive. The monuments which lay upon The Mall in Washington D.C. are nothing but striking. The Lincoln Memorial stands upon a roundabout capturing the attention of all passerby’s, due to Lincoln’s “colossal marble statue” and two of his most outstanding “speeches [are] carved on” the grandeur walls. Such a remarkable masterpiece appeals to the eye’s of all and entices them of the history of the United States. The large monument has a clean cut design, with the use of marbles and pillars, and seating Lincoln in the center of it all, helps draw the attention to one specific figure and honor him, as well as his accomplishments. Similarly, like the Lincoln memorial stands the carving of the Crazy Horse, it itself is a powerful demonstration of a historical figure, the statue demonstrates its authority with its “broad chest” and “outstretched arm,” while mounted on “his horse.” The statue symbolizes the strength of the man, through the detail of his muscular body and his large and magnificent horse. This statue calls attention to not only
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