Lincoln Six Echo: Unorthodox In Michae

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The Island is a movie about a society that desires to live forever, and in doing this they embark on an unorthodox idea. People in the society want to live forever, so scientist make clones of those people to harvest and use their body parts when theirs wears out. An underground society is created to house the clones and give them the idea that they are real people with a mission to go to the island. All of the clones believe that earth is contaminated and the only safe place to live is the island, that actually does not exist. The clone citizens are very orthodox and always do what they are told, exercise, and eat certain food; they do this to ensure their survival on the island. One of the Clones, Lincoln Six Echo starts to question the world that he lives in and believes that the world he is living in is not a world at all. There are many reasons why it is dangerous to be unorthodox in…show more content…
To have the capacity to control a large amount of clone like people and believe they have no feeling, and to not withdrawn them information about who they are and their purpose. To form a kind of orthodox underground world that is afraid their clones will understand and rebel about the truth. Not only is this idea found in this movie but also in the book called Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley. In Brave New World it is dangerous to be unorthodox and to think differently than everyone else, to believe that the world you live in is corrupt and unnatural. In Brave new world everyone is taught to believe that everything that’s in their world is correct and normal, but few characters see it for what it really is. To be unorthodox in both of these situations is actually orthodox of people today. This is why it is dangerous to be unorthodox in Michael Bays The Island, because it shines the truth of what is really happening in the world
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