Linda Barnes: Prodigious Game-Changer In The Literary World

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Linda Barnes is a literary genius! Linda Barnes has written many mystery novels and has received many awards for her eye-opening best-selling books. Her famous mystery stories were a prodigious game-changer in the literary world. To begin, Linda Barnes was born on June 6, 1949 in Detroit, Michigan. On June 7, 1970, she married Richard Barnes. After her marriage, she began to write plays. Her first two plays were titled “Wings” and “Prometheus”. Little did she know, they would ere long become award winning. Linda Barnes has always been engrossed in acting, which explains why she spent a large amount of her time writing and directing plays. Linda Barnes has taken illegal immigration into her interests in the past to help her write some of her stories. She had to conduct a lot of research on this subject to help her, which made her even more intrigued about the subject. Linda Barnes is an avid fan of the blues and enjoys…show more content…
She has had many books published receiving numerous awards for her mystery writings along the way. Her first published book, “Blood will have Blood”, was released in 1982. In 1983, she presented her second book "Bitter Finish”. The following year, her novel “Dead Heat” was published, and in 1986 her fourth book “Cities of the Dead” was released, and “A Trouble of Fools” was circulated in the following year. “The Snake Tattoo” was released in 1989 and in 1990, her book “Delacorte” was printed. To inspire her to write the best novels she could, she looked at her B.F.A. training. She won an Anthony award in 1986 for short stories. She won an American Mystery award for private eye novels in 1987. As a result, all of her hard work in the past has paid off. Ultimately, Linda Barnes is an amazing mystery writer! She has written unbelievable, eye-opening books that have altogether changed the literary world in regards to mysteries. Linda Barnes could perhaps be one of the best mystery authors

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