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Evangelist Linda M. Dawkins was born in the mid-20th century, the second of six children to the late Charles and Elder Odessa Talley in Philadelphia, Pa. Sister Linda grew up in an incredibly religious environment, since her mother who was an extremely religious woman. Mrs. Talley would take Linda and her siblings and walk up and down Ridge Avenue to and from The Parham Church in North Philadelphia several times a week. Later Mrs. Talley would become a member and minister at “The Reformed Church of the Living God”. While playing church with her siblings as a child, she pretended to “get knocked out by the Holy Spirit” and she certainly received the blessing of the Holy Spirit as she was “playing”, and it was then she was told she had a calling…show more content…
After graduating high school, she attended Community College of Philadelphia Majoring in Accounting, where she attained her credentials to enter the workforce. While attending high school, she met an incredibly handsome man by the name of Charles and they eventually had a very handsome little boy and they married.

While working for a community center, she was persuaded by her manager to use her interpersonal skills and attempt social work. It was here that Linda had a knack for helping people; she would help low-income families with valuable resources to improve their financial and living conditions by way of various resources the City of Philadelphia had available for those that qualified. Sister Linda was self-employed for several years as she raised her son while her husband worked full time. She may look familiar to some of you as she was a top seller in the makeup business for several years and won a brand new Ford Thunder Bird. In 1982 Sister Linda’s husband went home to be with the lord and she went back to school to learn “Wang word processing” in order to upgrade

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