Linda Flower Analysis

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The style of writing has changed drastically in excess of the past years; each person has their own writing modus operandi that helps to get their point from corner to corner or refer to all that jazz that they are trying to portray. Every author seems to have their own unique way of getting their message to their audience, for instance, they might share personal experiences related to their topic or analysis. Some authors might write about something affected them emotionally and influenced them to act a certain way. They also might just focus on their audience in general and only write about things that relate to “the reader’s knowledge about the topic; his or her attitude toward it, and his or her personal or professional needs.” (Flower, pp. 91-92).
In this essay, the main points that I will go over the comparison and
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Intended for case in point, in “Writing for an Audience”, Flower had mentioned how attitude and by what means of knowing the reader’s attitude is seen to be beneficial to the writer. For instance, she had told her audience about a personal experience she had at a lake once; she explains to her audience how her experience changed her attitude towards lakes. She also had mentioned that her best friend had a different experience at the lake, which resulted in her having a not having the same attitude. Flower uses this as an example to show how one’s experience and assertiveness can be different from another’s, which is why it is important to take an audiences attitude into consideration when writing. This is just one of the ways that Flower uses a personal experience in her lecture to help get her point across, she give a lecture about these philological techniques because she believes that it provides her audience with guidance on how to improve their writing
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