Linda Hentschel Case Study: Depaul Community Resources

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What agency do she work for?
Linda Hentschel works for Depaul community recourses. She works as the chief operating officer.
What does a chief operating officer do?
As second in command so to speak she oversees finances and the funding that Depaul does. They partner up with other business and collect donations to keep their company funded. She helps the company stay funded and continuing to help the organization to grow.
What type of agency is Depaul Community Resources?
Depaul is a non-profit agency that helps provide help to people with disabilities to help them grow as people and help them find homes and families. “We work closely with children, adults and the families to try and help improve their quality of life and make sure they are getting the help that they deserve.”
What advice could you give me as a
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“It would have to be knowing that I am doing something to impact someone’s life in a positive way”
Do you feel like you are making a difference?
“There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you have been changing these children and families lives” Linda has that aura around her that she puts off how she is. Very polite and soft-spoken Linda is the type of person that you can tell by being around her how genuine and kind she really is.
Does Depaul have good relationships with other businesses and the community?
Depaul has good relationships with businesses around Virginia. They hold events to raise money around the community and help spread awareness and change for all the clients and families they work with.
What type of ethical dilemmas have you had to deal with?
For Linda, her ethical dilemmas come with her religion. She and her family are very involved with the church and her early practices with the families and clients it was difficult to separate the two. Her main drive to do good is religion. She has a genuine relationship with the Lord and knowing she is doing good in the world makes her feel

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