Linda Loman A Raisin In The Sun Analysis

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In Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller and A Raisin in the Sun authored by Lorraine Hansberry, both authors develop a theme throughout the play. The character’s idea of success plays an important role in the stories. There are many different examples of each character’s “American Dream”, but one that sticks out the most is family. Miller and Hansberry both demonstrate the importance of family in their writings, that family is above all more important than money. Two characters that help develop this theme are Linda Loman, from Death of a Salesman and Mama, from A Raisin in the Sun.
The play Death of a Salesman has an easier storyline to decipher a theme than A Raisin in the Sun. Linda Loman in a important piece to contribute to the
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This time the growth of the story’s theme is shown through the character called Mama. Mama is more of a verbal and outspoken mother than Linda Loman. Early in the play, Mama and her son Walter have a heated conversation about money. “I’m looking at you. You a good-looking boy. You got a job, a nice wife, a fine boy and-” (Hansberry 75). This discussion comes up when Walter points out that he needs the check for his family, that this money will make there family happy, that money is life. But Mama does not hold back her words when he stated this. “Oh- So now it’s life. Money is life. Once upon a time freedom used to be life- now it’s money. I guess the world really do change” (Hansberry 76). Mama is a traditional and family woman. So hearing from her son that money is the answer to everything did not settle with her so well. Walter and Mama’s arguments are very similar to Linda and her husband plus her son’s conflicts. With Mama and her family being a different race, money has not come by easy. Mama grew up in a harsh time frame, when being free and having families together was all that mattered. But since times have changed, Walter has grown up by being “free”. This argument goes on throughout the play, Walter feels as if money is more significant than being free. In A Raisin in the Sun, readers know that money and family are the two main components, whereas Death of a Salesman people can come up with other ideas of themes. Lorraine Hansberry’s complex storyline paired with her complex character, Mama, unfolded a prominent theme of family is more important than
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