Linda Loman In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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Linda Loman is one of the most complicated character in Death of a salesman. She is not only the wife of the main character, Willy Loman, but also the mother of Biff and Happy Loman. Linda has many different roles throughout the whole play, she is often in an awkward position when her husband and sons are fighting, however, as we can tell by her dialogue and actions, she is a devoted wife who always chooses Willy over her sons. Arthur Miller has created many themes in this play, and Linda is one of the key factor in order to develop those themes. She is a peacekeeper, chastiser, and a supporter in her family. It will be interesting to discuss many roles of her, how this affected her relationship with Willy and how Miller develop her personality. One of the most important role of Linda is that she always want to keep the peace in her family relationship. ‘Boys!’ Linda often act as a peacekeeper when other family members are fighting. We can tell that she really want her…show more content…
Although she also supports Biff and Happy, throughout the play it becomes evident that Linda protects Willy at all costs, supports him all the time, and always suggest excuses for his mistakes. “Biff, his life is in your hands!” When Linda finds out that her husband is trying to commit suicide, she blame Biff and Happy for not being nice to WIlly, without thinking maybe something is wrong with Willy. “To me you are. The handsomest.” This is what Linda said to Willy to encourage him. The character of Linda helps to create the guilt and regrets in Willy. Miller created many themes in the play, and one of the most significant one is betrayal. Linda and Willy’s relationship helps develop this theme. Willy betrays his promises to Linda through their marriage and Biff’s trust by having an affair with “The Woman”. In addition, Linda’s support to Willy is essential for the theme and is one of the reason why Willy committed suicide in the end of the
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