Linda Ronstadt: Let Nothing Come Between Simple Dream

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Many people refer to her as the “Queen of Rock”, “Queen of Pop”, and often times a music legend. Linda Ronstadt is an American singer songwriter who entertained the world for about forty years with her voice. Since an early age, she would sing wherever she would go with her family. She had a long music career, filled with tons of debuted albums and many awards recognizing her work as a musician. However, her career had to end as a singer in Ronstadt’s later years.
Ronstadt was apart of the “popular music in America that has consistently shown great variety, originality, and evolution” (popular music in school) “Truth is simple, but seldom ever seen. Let nothing come between simple man, simple dream.” (Simple Dreams Biography)
Ronstadt was
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Ronstadt Hardware Company in downtown Tucson. “In addition to working in the hardware store and going to the University of Arizona in Tucson, he helped my grandfather on the ranches he owned” (Simple Dreams). According to Linda Ronstadt, her father “had a beautiful baritone singing voice. He often sang at local venues like the Fox Tucson Theatre, where he was billed as Gil Ronstadt and his Star-Spangled Megaphone” (Simple Dreams). Ronstatd’s father came from a family of musicians. “In the late nineteenth century, my grandfather was the conductor of a brass band called the Club Filarmónico Tucsonense” (Simple Dreams). Often times, Linda’s father would serenade Ruth Mary Copeman Ronstad on the other hand, Linda’s mother, also went to the University of Arizona where “she was enrolled to study math and physics” (Simple Dreams). Except her family came from a background of mathematicians. “Her father was Loyd G. Copeman, a well-known inventor with the electric toaster, electric stove, rubber ice cube tray, and pneumatic grease gun to his credit” (Simple Dreams). “My mother and father married in 1937.” (Simple Dreams) When World Ware II began, “my father joined the army, our mother went to work at night in the control tower of Davis-Monthan Army Air Field, the base outside of Tucson” (Simple Dreams). “During the Depression, my father turned down an offer from Paul Whiteman, by far the most popular…show more content…
"If I didn 't hear it on the radio, or if my dad wasn 't playing it on the piano, or if my brother wasn 't playing it on the guitar or singing it in his boys ' choir, or my mother and sister weren 't practicing a Broadway tune or a Gilbert and Sullivan song, then I can 't do it today. It 's as simple as that. All of my influences and my authenticity are a direct result of the music played in that Tucson living room.”( silver threads) From rock, pop, country, mariachi, and even older styles that she made sound like new. She was not afraid to try new things with her music, and felt if she wanted to do something nothing and no one was going to hold her back. She was also interested in making videos for almost every piece of music she sang. Linda started out singing in a band with her brother, ___, and her sister, _____. After college she moved to Los Angeles, California and was apart of a folk trio. The band was called the Stone Poneys and was made up of Linda Ronstadt, Bobby Kimmel, and Kenny Edwards. They released their first album in 1974 called “Different Drum”. It was a huge hit, but after the album was released the band fell apart. Ronstadt decided to then take control over her singing career, and moved on as a solo artist. Although she was not increasingly popular during this time, she started to become more well known from the “Different Drum” album her band had released. In 1969, she released her first album as a solo

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