Linda Tenenbaum: Obstacles In Aviation

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The history of aviation has extended over more than two millenniums, from the earliest forms of aviation such as kites and hot air balloons, to winged machines with motors. Throughout the periods, adventurous aviators spent years of their lives mixing theory and practice on how to perfect their flying machines and techniques. Yet, despite centuries of development, aviation is still in its infancy, and is now about to experience a new period of Renaissance.

One of these aviators is my own mom, Linda Tenenbaum. I set down with her to get a glimpse of her spot in the aviation story, and how she went to school to learn to fly!

Before flying, there was a lot of walking. Walking to take drink orders, walking to serve drinks, walking to earn money
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Linda would go on to finish her B.S in Aeronautical Engineering, and she even got her pilot's license. However, her entrepreneurial spirit took her on a new journey, into the world of fashion, and the garment district in downtown San Francisco.

Obstacles can influence a person. They can even change a person, for better or for worse. College as a whole can be an obstacle or just parts of it. For Linda, it was the first time she had to work hard at getting high grades, which according to her “was a good thing because that is what is required in the real world.” It taught her how to take on challenges and responsibility for the things she wanted in life. The biggest obstacles in her studies were those classes that required drawings and three-dimensional draft plans.

According to my mom, in a hindsight, the most important lesson she took out of this experience was not about flying, but about seeing assignments through. To students who want to follow their dreams, my mom recommends that they consult with their parents and listen to their concerns. I wonder if she is saying this now because it’s my turn
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