Linda Williamson Case

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CASE Linda Williamson v. The City of Houston Citation LINDA WILLIAMSON, Plaintiff-Appellee, versus THE CITY OF HOUSTON, TEXAS; Al, Defendants, versus THE CITY OF HOUSTON< TEXAS Defendant-Appellant. No. 896-21110 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FIFTH CIRCUIT 148 F.3d 462, 1988 U.S. App. LEXIS 16771; 77 Fair Empl. Prac. Cas. (BNA) 613; 73 Empl. Prac. Dec. (CCH) P45,451 Decided July 22, 1998 Facts In 1983, Linda Williamson worked for the City of Houston as a police officer. In 1990, then Officer Williamson transferred to the organized crime squad where she began working a new assignment. Officer McLeod was also in the organized crime squad and was partnered with Officer Williamson, meaning they worked closely on a daily basis. Officer Willilamson made several allegations that Officer McLeod was harassing her to her supervisor, Sgt. Bozeman. Officer Williamson claimed that Officer McLeod engaged in a daily harassment that lasted for 18 months. Officer McLeod would demean her by making comments about her appearance, especially her buttocks and her breasts. Officer Williamson said that he touched her inappropriately, purred like a cat around her, and whistled when she would walk by. She also claimed that Officer McLeod made several attempts to peek beneath her clothes. Officer Williamson stated that she communicated to…show more content…
She also informed her supervisor regarding the behavior seeking his help for the conduct to cease. Sgt. Bozeman
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