Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Case Study

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What was the difference between crimes like Leopold and Loeb versus the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping?
Case #1: Lindbergh Baby
1. Victim’s name: Charles Lindbergh Jr., 20 months old. He was a firstborn of well-known Charles Lindberg, an American aviator, who made the first solo flight NYC- Paris and Anne Morrow.
Crime: Kidnapping (it is a common aspect of this two extraordinary crimes)
Crime’s place: Hopewell, New Jersey on March 1, 1932.
Ransom amount: initial amount $50.000, later 70.000 dollars.
What happened to the Lindbergh baby? While Lindbergh’s baby was sleeping in his house in NJ, he was kidnapped by using an expandable ladder which reached the nursery window and brought down the ladder. Some days later, the kidnappers wrote a slip
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He was electrocuted in Trenton Prison, NJ on April 3, 1936

Case #2: Leopold and Loeb crime.
Victim’s name: Bobbie Franks, 14 years old victim in the “Crime of the Century” His father was Jacob M. Franks was a retired industrialist, formerly president of the Rockford Watch Company, with its factory in Rockford, 90 miles northwest of Chicago.
Crime: Kidnapping (it is a common aspect of this two extraordinary crimes)
Crime’ place: Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood on May 21, 1924.
What happened to Bobby Franks? Leopold and Loeb drove their rental car slowly around the streets of the South Side of Chicago, looking for a possible victim. Suddenly saw his cousin, Bobby Franks, walking on the opposite side of the road. Loeb knew that Bobby's father was a wealthy businessman who would be able to pay the ransom. He tapped Leopold on the shoulder to indicate they had found their victim. After the crime as in Lindbergh’s baby kidnapping, Leopold and Loeb wrote and sent a ransom note to Bobby’s father.
Ransom amount: $10.000, the Kidnaper’s warnings: the money must be composed entirely of OLD BILLS of the following denominations: $2,000 in twenty dollar bills. $8,000 in fifty dollar bills. The money must be old. Any attempt to include new or marked bills will render the entire venture
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