Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Research Paper

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There are many controversial cases throughout the history of the United States, but there has been one that, despite its age, still has many questions, theories, and opinions. The controversial case of the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping has still been questioned since it happened in 1932, the first of March. Lindbergh’s little baby was kidnapped one night from the famous couple’s home. There were many suspicious items such as a ladder, ransom notes, the baby later found dead by the home, and witnesses that give us some controversial clues to what did happen in the case of the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping. In the controversial court case of the Lindbergh Kidnapping the guilty verdict correctly prosecuted Bruno Hauptmann because of the ransom money in his possession, many witness’ testimonies, and handwriting tests on the ransom notes. First of all, Hauptmann had and used the ransom money in his possession. He was found to have the Lindbergh ransom money as well as using it to buy many items. explain that authorities searched Hauptmann and found $13, 750 in his garage; It was found in the wall and floor of the garage in an old oil can and pickling jar ( The ransom money was, in fact, in the possession of Hauptmann. Yet he claimed himself innocent of the crime and argued that the money was given, but there is other evidence that goes against him. Hauptmann had made some mysterious moves on…show more content…
What makes this case important is the things that can be learned from it. First of all it is important to keep all sides fair to find the truth. Second of all, people today can learn from it as well. For each day finding out the truth is some times complicated and hard, but it is very

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