Lindbergh's Conspiracy Theory

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On March 1st, 1932, the child of Charles and Anne Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, was kidnapped from his home at only 20 months old, and later found with a crushed skull not far from the Lindbergh household. This kidnapping and murder sparked one of the biggest criminal investigations in American History, and was even dubbed “The Trial of the Century”. In the end, a German immigrant named Bruno Hauptmann was convicted and executed for the murder and kidnapping of Charles Augustus Lindbergh. But controversy has been spurred over this investigation, questioning the guilt of Hauptmann; after all, Hauptmann did claim innocence to the very end. Could this man have killed a baby, his execution being the result of an anti-foreigner America,…show more content…
Lindbergh was the true culprit rather than Hauptmann. These theories question Lindbergh’s ethics as father and bring his morals into question as well, besides, Lindbergh was described to be a cold and cruel when it came to joking around; so who knows, maybe he did slaughter his own child? On the day of the so-called “kidnapping”, the culprit had climbed in through a window into the baby’s nursery using a ladder, which was to be found broken during the investigation, as pointed out by Lindbergh himself. The ladder was pointed out to the police without the use of illumination to lead Lindbergh and the police to the ladder outside, and if he truly hadn’t looked outside the window yet, there’s no way he would be able to know it was there. The ladder isn’t the only strange part of this point, the kidnapper’s” ability to break into the baby’s nursery seems to be very suspicious. It would not be possible for a kidnapper would be able to know which room they were to break into to steal Baby Charles (even with the most dedicated, devout stalking and surveillance, most theorists say) (conspiracyNATION .com). This being said, it would appear that Lindbergh may have been too eager to lead the police astray if he really did plant the…show more content…
Garners, a history professor of Rutgers University believes that Lindbergh was greatly involved in the murder and kidnapping of his son, due to Lindberghs’s belief and encouragement of social Darwinism and eugenics, the practices of bettering the gene pool of the human race. It is said that Baby Charles wasn’t the healthiest and normal child out there, being born with hammered toes, un-fused bones, and a cranium that was too large. Knowing this information, along with the fact that the body was cremated immediately made people such as Garners believe that the murder of the Little Eaglet was an attempt to purify the genetics of the Lindbergh lineage, even if it went to far (news. Rutgers.
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