Summary Of Poupees

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The stands out characters in this novel were Lindsey Parker, a twenty three year old woman who had just graduated from her university, and she just had her father in her life because her mother already passed away when she still a baby and because of that she loved her father very much or you can said that she was obsessed with her father’s life. She was immature and over protective to her father, she will do anything to ‘save’ her father. Her beloved father was Alex Parker. He had a serious career in advertising and he wanted to marry his fiancée, Karen. Karen was beautiful woman and she loved Alex very much like Alex loved her, but Lindsay didn’t like her. Lindsay had a best friend, her best friend was Gemma, but because some accidents Gemma…show more content…
Lindsay said that she didn’t remember about all terrible things that she caused to Poupeh when the truth was she remembered the whole bad things that she did to Poupeh. She tried to look innocent, she didn’t want to confess her mistake to Poupeh because she embarrassed. She embarrassed because the girl that she bullied in senior high school was help her life. Lindsay didn’t want to apologize because of that and it makes me irritated and angry. How can Lindsay be so…show more content…
I can feel the way Lindsay felt about that because my first love is someone’s boyfriend too, so I know why she think that she loved the wrong person and the wrong time.
How I would change the story in this novel was when Lindsay got punishment from her father to get out from their house that she should be frugal and she need to apologize to her father, Karen, Gemma, Poupeh and all her father’s ex-fiancée. She shouldn’t go shopping and go to club or go to luxurious hotel and think that there’s nothing happen or she was the one who being a victim.
The Larger issues raised by the story in this novel was about over protective daughter to her beloved father’s love life. She didn’t want another woman in her father’s life and she will do anything to keep her father save from the broken heart.
What I’ve learned from this novel are we should be positive-minded to the people around us, we should think about what the people we loved feel at the first place before us and don’t be
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