Lindy West's Argument Essay

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No woman is allowed to be angry. This is the message that is subliminally delivered by those who tend to accuse the anger of a woman as a played-out weapon. For far too long has the uproar of unjust accusations made by women been disregarded as an emotionally biased issue. This has caused a great many of women to restrain their tongues before speaking their true and pure opinion. They fear persecution and that their whole argument will not be taken heavily if the delivery is not well thought out and calmly delivered. Before reading about it, I was completely unaware and ignorant of the controversy. Upon the unmasking of this issue, author Lindy West also encourages women to look past this and continue to be angry for what they fight for in her new opinionated New York Times article, “Brave Enough to be Angry.” This is one of the most powerful…show more content…
Politicians and actresses are even shown to be stuck in this barrier where they cannot canvass their feelings towards topic without being viewed as melodramatic by varying audiences. Uma Thurman, lead actress in the film Kill Bill, chose to not reveal her first thoughts about the sexual assault allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein when she was asked by an Access Hollywood correspondent. She repressed her opinion that is fueled by anger, because she knows the media will inevitable claim that her opinion was fueled by anger (although there should be no discredit to angered opinions). However, some public faces choose not to care about the repercussions that could be potentially faced when speaking their mind. Carmen Yulín Cruz, mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, was crucified by President Trump’s band of supporters when she criticized him publicly based on the way he dealt with Hurrican Maria. Her and many other women in politics ignore the consequences of their voices of rage to show sincerity in the issue. The author’s
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