Lines 106-24 In Homer's Odyssey

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Lines 106-24 of Homer’s Odyssey take place at the start of the poem’s narrative. This passage forms a narrative and descriptive piece which depicts the scene as Athene arrives at court in Ithaka disguised as Mentes, King of the Taphians whom is a friend of Odysseus. Under disguise Athene is there to see the Son of Odysseus, Telemachos and details the scene upon her arrival. Upon her arrival the veiled Athene sees the ‘haughty suitors’ conveying to the reader their arrogant and overbearing presence in the poem. It is interesting how the cattle skins of which the suitors are sitting on are described in the passage as from the ones that they had killed. It is also worth noting that while sitting on these cattle skins they were ‘amusing their
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