Geography: Difference Between Space And Place

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1. What is the difference between space and place? The difference between space and place is that a place is seen as a place that has some meaning to humans. So, a space has no specific value to human beings since it needs to be of some value to be categorized as a place. The theory called phenomenology explains this way of thinking better. 2. Why is the number of languages worldwide rapidly declining? Why is that a concern? Languages are diminishing because more languages are becoming worldwide. That means that we don’t need as many languages because people are starting to speak more universal languages. This is a concern because it takes away part of different people’s cultures, so they aren’t as individualized anymore. 3. What is lingua franca? Give two examples. Lingua franca is when people change/ learn a new language so that there is a…show more content…
Why did the first cities emerge in major agricultural hearths? The main reason is because with good agricultural hearths the people who lived there didn’t have to be nomads anymore, they could create townships and stay in one place for longer. It also allowed different people to interact after they created towns and trade or barter with other people. As the towns grew bigger they eventually formed into the first cities. 13. What role did the River Valley play in the rise of cities? The River Valley was full of fertile land because of the water leaving rich nutrients in the soil when it flooded so it allowed agriculture to flourish there. Also, in the Nile River Valley the river flooded at the same time every year, so they could predict when they needed to clear everything out and be done harvesting, so it minimized the damage the floods created. So, with a better reliable way of producing agriculture, cities began popping up. 14. From the James TedTalk, what are its two roles? 15. Is saying that globalization changes the role of the nation-state the same as saying the nation-state will soon disappear?
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