Link Day: A Short Story

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An eager Freshman takes their first steps into the Commons on Link Day. They look around at the green and silver painted walls, swallowing the lump that formed in their throats from the uncertainty of what their first day of high school will be like. Among the unfamiliar faces around them, the new Freshman looks frantically for the familiar faces of their friends; for some sort of reassurance that they’re not alone in this new environment. Every year, floods of Freshmen and new teachers join Conifer High School. Although Conifer’s Lobos do their best to welcome the newest editions to the pack, joining a new school, meeting new people, and adjusting to high school life can put loads of stress and pressure on the shoulders of Freshmen and teachers.…show more content…
”It was very shocking, but it gradually became more comfortable.” “I’m pretty comfortable,” said Ellison Girod, another student optimistically beginning her first year at Conifer. ”I know a few teachers already and I really like it here, so it’s a lot easier. It seems a lot better than middle school and I feel like [the school year] is going to go well.” Skirting the Commons are teachers, waiting excitedly with large, welcoming smiles as they watch their new pupils fill the commons. Just like the Freshman, many of these teachers are nervous to start their first year at Conifer High School; to teach their new students; to make an impression. “This will be my first year with Conifer; my second year teaching,” said John Shipley, the newest member to Conifer High’s athletics department. “I’m very excited to be a part of this school, staff, administration and the great community.” “[Like the Freshmen,] I’m lost finding rooms,” said David Shirk, Conifer’s new Algebra and Geometry teacher. “It’s really hard to get a grasp on the layout of these rooms and the room numbers. But [this year] is going to be excellent! I feel at home already and everybody is so nice and helpful. I feel like I’ve just fallen right into the
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