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1. CHARACTERISTICS OF LINOLEUM MATERIALS Linoleum is a type of floor covering material that is made from organic materials such as:-  Solidified linseed oil (linoxyn), an extraction from flaxseed  Pine rosin  Ground cork dust  Wood flour  Mineral fillers (calcium carbonate) Linoleum can be installed in most any room in the home, although it’s most popular in non-residential settings. Linoleum flooring is not meant for stairs or bathrooms due to the moisture and its contribution to excessive expansion and contraction of the product. COST Linoleum: $2.00 - $5.00 per square foot on average Slightly higher than vinyl flooring LIFESPAN (Linoleum flooring can last more than 40 years if it’s installed and maintained properly.) CLEANING & MAINTENANCE…show more content…
Sheet linoleum is available in the widest selection of patterns and colours and comes in rolls, making it incredibly complex to install hence installation should be conducted by a professional. Sheet linoleum is a great choice for kitchen spaces. This kind of material often gives off a polished appearance making it quite popular with homeowners and designers alike. While sheet linoleum is more expensive than tile linoleum, it is often worth the extra cost. Inlaid sheet linoleum has the same quality as inlaid wood, which makes it quite durable and stylish. The method of installation for linoleum sheet is glue down…show more content…
Click linoleum is installed onto a floor frame featuring click and lock edges that snap into place. Click linoleum leave no seams when connected hence it gives of a smooth finish almost like the sheet linoleum. The method of installation for click linoleum flooring is click installation. COLOURS/PATTERNS  MARBLE Marble linoleum provides a great and elegant look at an affordable price. Marbled patterned linoleum tiles provide that fancy, sophisticated look  PATTERNED Linoleum nowadays is available in almost an exhaustive variety of patterns, providing a wide selection of different looks. These tiles are made tough but may require more to install so you can perfectly match seams.  SOLID Extremely popular, providing a variety of colors and shades. The colors are durable, resisting fading even over a long period of time.  FLECKED Provides a unique pattern that adds distinction to any room where installed. 4. APPLICATIONS OF LINOLEUM IN INTERIOR DESIGN

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