Dunkaphobia Speech

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We all have thing that we are afraid of. For some it might be snakes, spiders, height, or water. Yet, for others it might be something a little less rational that they don’t want to talk about. These fear usually come with a long story behind them and most likely it is something they can never get rid of. These fears may seem silly to you but to the people experiencing them their life is pure terror.
Have you ever been in the situation where you are in the grocery store with your mom and in the checkout line? Then all of a sudden she decided she needs something else and leaves you in line by yourself without any money to pay. Maybe just reading about this makes all your hairs on your arm stand up and you want to go run into a corner. If so, you are probably suffering from linophobia. Linophobia usually starts to develop when someone is around 10 or 11, when your mom feels like she can trust you to stay in line by yourself. Symptoms may include panic attacks while in line, the constant dislike of
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is usually a great time. The only people who would disagree with this are people who suffer from dunkaphobia. Dunkaphobia is the fear of your taller cousins and brother dunking the ball for their shot. This fear is brought upon by your whole family getting taller while you stay at the same normal size height of 5 feet 5 inches. Then when you play P.I.G. they think it is funny to dunk when you can’t even touch the rim. Symptoms of dunkaphobia is chucking the basketball into the woods after a dunk is made, worrying about how tall you are, trying to play basketball on a 5 foot hoop. Luckily there is a cure to this horrible phobia, when you are playing P.I.G. all you have to do is make all your shots. This sounds impossible but if you take shots you know you can make it won’t be terrible. Another cure is to never play P.I.G. again and miss out on all the fun. Either way this phobia is something you can
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