Linux Kernel Advantages

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The kernel is the most crucial part in the operating system, as it is the connector that links the applications and the components at the hardware level. The kernel is the only part or component of the operating system that keeps on working at all time and is the first to launch, used by programmers and developers. The kernel plays a vital part in managing the system resources and responds to any kind of system call, interrupts and exceptions. The kernel in both operating systems Windows and Linux have a lot in common as for example they both interact with the hardware Both of these kernels are written in C language which is a high level language because the C language have been included to all hardware, which will consume less time and…show more content…
The application-programming interface of the Linux kernel is individual and does not interfere with any other programs. The Linux kernel has several layers first we have the lowest layer which is the interaction between the kernel and the hardware. The middle layer is divided into four areas first it handles character devices and terminal handling, the second area manages network device drivers and also networking protocols, the third area manages disk device drivers, virtual memory, file systems, file mapping and buffer caches. While the final area manages, initializing and termination, scheduling, process dispatching and signal handling. Finally the top layer in which the system calls, traps and interrupts are located which acts as an interface to the lower layers and which the developer uses to use the features provided by the operating…show more content…
The user mode is the top layer and it is less privileged and cannot access hardware directly, which includes the runtime library, system services and applications. While the kernel mode is the most critical part and it is the most privileged and have direct access to the hardware such as drivers, storages and networking interrupts and system calls. The kernel mode process at a higher priority than the user mode and can access more memory. Which is not available to everyone only the people with access, which shows that it is not very

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