Lion Heart Summary

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The poem “lion heart” by Amanda Chong, written in third person narrative depicts nationalistic pride and honor. The writer uses “Lion Heart” to portray pride as lions symbolize pride and bravery. .It is understood that the poem is about Singapore from the opening and closing line of the poem “You… sunlight” and “five … sky”. This suggests Chong tries expresses her patriotism for Singapore. The writer opens the poem with visual imagery through the opening line “You...sunlight;”. Through this Chong eloquently builds up an image in the readers mind. A visual image of a creature with “skin...sunlight;”. The use of consonance on “s” emphasizes on small details of this creature thus making the imagery applied clearer also aiding on reiterating the theme of lions and pride. The consonance applied gives a rhyming effect to captivate the reader’s attention. This implies that the creature had a golden glow like the sun, suggesting it has a warm and hostile nature. The writer uses a semi colon after “sunlight;” to suggest a listing of ideas. Up to this point the readers have gotten an idea of the creature being a sea creature but the writer uses the semi colon to change this idea as seen in the evidence “Washed…shut”. This means that the creature is transforming from a sea creature to a land creature as it’s “gills snapped shut”. Chong used internal rhyme to emphasize on the drastic change of events and has eloquently used the element of surprise to make the readers sit on the edge
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