Simba Movie Analysis

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In the first movie, the kind and wise king Mufasa and his son and heir Simba are played like pawns by Scar, the scheming brother of Mufasa. In a plot to take over the throne, Scar murders Mufasa and tricks Simba into thinking it´s his fault. When the devastated Simba runs away from home, Scar sends hyenas to kill him, and Simba barley makes it out alive. He´s then is adopted by Timon and Pumbaa and lives a happy life far away. In the meantime, Scar takes control and becomes king over the Pride Lands, ruling it into famine and destruction. When Nala, a childhood friend, stumbles across Simba, she convinces him to return and take his rightful place. Simba does so and in a deadly fight Scar is thrown down a cliff and murdered by the hyenas. In…show more content…
The morality of this movie circles around acceptance, prejudice and hate; the villain dies when she cannot let go of her hatred and refuses to receive help from Kiara. Kovu and Kiara both struggles with their identities, their parent´s expectations and following their own hearts. These are not uncommon problems for adolescences, and might help prepare the children for the time when they themselves grow up. Another noteworthy concept is that the older generation isn’t flawless and they can be wrong. The movie can in many ways help children build their confidence, morality and self-esteem.

Disney made an allusion to Romeo and Juliet through the movie The Lion King 2: Simba´s Pride. In the movie distinctive themes from the play, such as destiny, individualism and love are made accessible to young children though colourful animation. Animated movies can teach children about the complexity of life and of themselves. The films work as guidelines in a confusing and difficult time where children have to learn how to socialise and become a part of the society, whilst still being funny and
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