Lion In The King Of The Lion King

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In the first movie, the kind and wise king Mufasa and his son and heir Simba are played like pawns by Scar, the scheming brother of Mufasa. In a plot to take over the throne, Scar murders Mufasa and tricks Simba into thinking it´s his fault. When the devastated Simba runs away from home, Scar sends hyenas to kill him, and Simba barley makes it out alive. He´s then is adopted by Timon and Pumbaa and lives a happy life far away. In the meantime, Scar takes control and becomes king over the Pride Lands, ruling it into famine and destruction. When Nala, a childhood friend, stumbles across Simba, she convinces him to return and take his rightful place. Simba does so and in a deadly fight Scar is thrown down a cliff and murdered by the hyenas. In the second movie, Simba is now king of the Pride Lands and together with Nala they gave birth to their daughter Kiara. The lions supporting Scar has been banished and are living in the outskirts of the savannah, in a harsh and unfriendly environment. The two prides reconnect through Kovu, Scar´s protégé, and Kiara, princess of Pride Rock. Through love, affection and kindness the two manages to reinstate the banished lions into the pride and restore peace on the savannah.

The Lion King 2 is an allusion to Shakespeare´s play “Romeo and Juliet”. Therefore, similarities can be found. Since the movie is adapted for children, the characters are not morally grey; in Romeo and Juliet, who´s responsible for the outcome can be discussed and

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