Lion King And Hamlet Comparison Essay

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Many people do not know that Hamlet and Lion King share multiple similarities and differences. In various Disney movies ancient tales influenced the plot of the movie. The producers of Lion King have said that the plot of Lion King was inspired by Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The similarities, differences, and both similarities and differences are explained below. First, the relationships in Lion King are similar to the relationships in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Simba, in the Lion King, forms friendships with Timone and Pumbaa. They support him during a dark time in his life when he has no one, and they teach him how to find the good in life. Simba’s crush is named Nala. As young cubs, they were friends, but the relationship did not develop until they met again as adults. In Hamlet, Hamlet has a friend named Horatio, whom he knew from college. Timone and Pumbaa had a bigger impact on Simba than Horatio had on Hamlet. Horatio is considered as Hamlet’s one true friend and can be counted on during several occasions.…show more content…
Both are born into royal families. Since Mufasa was the father of Simba and the king of the lions, that made Simba the prince. Hamlet was the son of Old Hamlet, the tragically murdered king. In both stories the uncle characters were very similar. In Lion King, Scar kills his brother to get what he wants. Claudius, in Hamlet, kills his brother to become king. Mufasa and Old Hamlet were both murdered by their brothers. Both of their fathers reappear as ghosts. Simba’s father appeared to him in the stars, while Hamlet’s father appeared to him as a ghost. Both Simba and Hamlet are sent away to fight their uncles. Scar is killed by the hyenas, but Hamlet’s uncle dies from poisoned wine and a sword. Hamlet’s uncle remarries to Hamlet’s mother, but Scar and Simba’s mother never marry. Finally, of course, the species are
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