Lion King Reflection

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one of the best and my personal favorite animation movie ever made has to be The Lion King I was attracted to the title when I found out about my zodiac sign at an earlier age I found it to be pretty cool and being that Leo also came with the knowledge of knowing who’s actually the ruler of the jungle knowing that about lions even though it was simple it gave me a sense of pride about myself but when I actually watched the movie I realized that the movie was about the transitioning of a young boy or young cub turning into a Man or the leader of a pride following his father’s death. I find this movie to be so fitting to my life because I can related to the main character which goes by the name of Simba growing through life young wild and fearless…show more content…
On Simba’s departure he met Timone and Pumba who were friends with his father but wasn’t allowed to stay with the pride because they was lions they was more so lion’s prey with them being a Hog and a weasel they spent most of their time singing and eating showing Simba life could always be worse and telling him how great his father giving him the insight his father tried to keep him humble about, another character by the name of Rafiki came along and showed his that he was meant to be the next king not Scar, and that scar is the real reason his father is dead but Mufasa is living through Simba and he took him to a pond to show Simba he and his father are identical and the reflection spoke back to Simba as his father saying “Remember who you are you are my son“ then Simba returned to pride rock to take his place as king which meant killing scar for the role.
I enjoy the lessons they were able to put in animation because I see myself going through the last transition of Simba’s life finally knowing what’s expected of me and having the power to do so and it took friends and family that was around me at birth to pull me in and got me away from the negativity and ignorance that live throws at you because greatness always have the toughest time reaching their goals and The Lion King is the best movie about overcoming fear and doubt with deep meanings but it’s still a child’s story even though I can relate it to my
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