Liosa R Hilao Analysis

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Riel Gutierrez EN10 E02 The Legacy Lives On Martial Law brought about selfless and brave student heroes. Some of those heroes were student activists who were top students in their respective schools. One of them is Liliosa R. Hilao. She was a college student and scholar in Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila. Liliosa’s academic achievements and social activism inspire me to be of service and active in my own organizations when it comes to national and social concerns. Liliosa was an academic achiever and highly respected during her academic years. She was a scholar, a consistent honor student, and was supposed to graduate college with honors. In an article by Liliosa’s sister, Alice R. Hilao-Gualberto, entitled “Liliosa R. Hilao, Her Life and Martyrdom – A Potential Philippine Leader”, she states how Liliosa was gearing into receiving high honors for her graduationin her school. Moreover, Hilao-Gualberto says how Liliosa was respected by her fellow students because of her dream of having a brighter future not only for herself, but for the Filipinos who were marginalized as well. In fact, Liliosa used to donate her personal belongings to people in need specifically those who lived near her school. Moreover, Liliosa was also a devoted and active member of various organizations. In an article released by Kate Pedroso and Marielle Medina entitled “Liliosa Hilao: First Martial Law Detainee Killed”, they state her various involvements in organizations and how Liliosa was not only a

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