Lipton Green Tea Experiment Results

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Few months ago, I went to the doctor’s office for my regular checkup. The doctor told me that I gained 5lbs of weight and I got depressed when I heard this news. I told my doctor that since I am an Asian, the food we eat contains greater amount of saturated fat like oil, butter, meat which makes me gain a lot of weight. After hearing my story, the doctor thought for second.
Suddenly, the words that came out of her mouth were that ‘start drinking green tea along with your diet low in saturated fat’ I was staring at her face because I was blank. I have not heard about this before. The first question that came into my mind was that “could this really be helpful? And could this really have an effect in my health?”
On my way back to home,
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Then, I had all of my participants to go on a weight scale and I noted that all of them have a weight above 180 lbs which was my specified requirement. Since the requirement was fulfilled, I was ready to test my hypothesis.
To test the hypothesis that lipton green tea make you lose weight, the duration of my experiment was 6 weeks and I was required to check their weight every 2 weeks. The group of one hundred people were divided into two groups. Each group required to have same number of participants so group A had 50 participants and classified as Control group. Whereas, Group B had 50 participants and classified as experimental group. The control group which was given the diet low in saturated in fat without the green tea. On the other hand, the experimental group was given the same diet low in saturated fat but with the added green tea. The meals for both of the groups contained the same ingredients. The amount of the meal given was also the same.
Throughout the experiment, the variables should have remained constant in order to get an accurate results. All the participants in experimental group received uniform and

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