Liquid Identity

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An avatar according to the article, “Avatars & The Curated Self,” originally comes from Hinduism and if refers to concept of the divine taking form of a person on Earth. In these forms, the divine are able to interact with others and their surroundings. Gamers are similar to the divine in the sense that they too also borrow a form to interact with the virtual world. While in the virtual world certain aspects of psychological selves are being represented. An identity is made online and people can descend and interact with others in a way that could not have been done in the ordinary world. In the article “DREAMING CYBORG DREAMS: VIRTUAL IDENTITY AND RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE,” liquid identity holds a similar meaning. Liquid identity is where a person…show more content…
Cortana for her bravery and Master Chief for his ability to move forward. However, the dialogue was heavy and I soon found Master Chief to hold his own personality. I rooted for him and I was able to understand his motives. I was simply the viewer not the participant as I watched Master Chief defeat the Didact and the other aliens. I was upset that that Cortana died but not to the extent where I could have if it had actually been me racing against the clock to find Dr. Hasely. That makes the difference when it comes to being able to reinforce my identity. There never was an identity for me to take up since I didn’t play the game as a first person shooter. I was never Master Chief. All the actions that Master Chief made throughout the movie were controlled by himself and I had no say in anything. Havstad claimed that by Master Chief never revealing his fact it allowed players to imagine Master Chief however they liked and also because a part of Master Chief’s personality is unfixed, they could change anything about him to relate and bond more with the character. The Cutscenes are only a small part of Halo so I can understand how that can be the case. The direction I’m coming from are only based on what I done and the only thing I have is watched. It is possible that by playing the game, I could become immersed in a way that I couldn’t have by watching. However, by being a passive participant as being the viewer I was only able to make it to the first step and that was empathize with him. In my opinion, only when a person becomes an active participant can they make their way into making an identity theirs and also find something reinforcing about the
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