Liquiglide Case Study

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IV. APPLICATIONS A. In manufacturing process
Any viscous product that sticks to its packaging will also, similarly stick to the containers and equipment used in the manufacturing process. LiquiGlide will eliminate this waste, resulting in significant cost savings. LiquiGlide can be applied to many components along the line to stop adhesion, including containers, pipes, mixing tanks, funnels, hoppers and moulds.
1) Reduce cleaning and increase production:
For many products, entire shifts are dedicated to cleaning the lines before the next batch of product can be produced. LiquiGlide will significantly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning because the lines will no longer be caked with product.
By reducing down-time due to cleaning
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It can reduce the rate of corrosion, lesson the formation of scaling, and inhibit the build-up of deposits on surfaces, which cause costly clogs in oil pipelines.
LiquiGlide creates more efficient packaging for lubricants, greases and other packaged products in the oil industry.
C. In medical field
In the medical space, there are a host of applications where LiquiGlide’s coatings can be beneficial, including clog prevention in tubes and stents, improved lubrication and better administration of medicine.
As an example, LiquiGlide could be applied to the catheters used for brain haemorrhages. Currently, they drill a small hole in the skull, put a thin tube into the haemorrhage and try to drain it out. Frequently, the tube gets clogged and they have to flush it or replace it. Every time they go in and out of the brain, there is a lot of risk and it makes the process longer. Using LiquiGlide coated tubes, they would never need to remove or flush the drainage tube. One tube, one use, from start to finish. It makes it a faster and safer process.
LiquiGlide can also be applied to the exterior of endoscopes or catheters to make them cleaner going in and out of the patient. It would also act as a lubricant to make insertion easier and more
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LiquiGlide improves the users’ ability to safely and accurately measure product dosage. With LiquiGlide, the measuring cup portion of Tip ‘n’ Pour containers will no longer have dried-on product from previous applications, providing a clear and accurate view of the measuring line. When the product is evacuated, LiquiGlide ensures that the complete measured dose is dispensed, leaving no residue behind.
LiquiGlide reduces the time and effort necessary to triple-rinse agrochemical packaging. This will have a positive environmental impact as it reduces the amount of water and reinstate necessary to clean packaging prior to disposal.
LiquiGlide’s patent-protected technology is difficult to reproduce, providing a differentiated and authentic package to any brand that licenses our

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