Lisa Benton Case Study

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Lisa Benton, received her Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School; while attending she worked as an assistant to the president of Right-Away Stores. She succeeded in her role and was the first woman in the company to become a manager. The President of Right-Away Stores was satisfied and delighted with Benton's performance that he "offered her a full-time position upon graduation, as well as part-time consulting during her second year at HBS" (Lisa Benton, 1994). Upon graduation she had to make a job choice between being a director of marketing at Right-Away or an assistant product manager at Houseworld's Home Care Division. Lisa Benton accepted the offer from Houseworld's Home Care Division as their product manager in hopes of "receiving classical marketing training in a structured environment from an industry leader" (Lisa Benton, 1994). Once in the position, she met her Product Manager Deborah Linton and Associate Product Manager, Ron Scoville; she did not receive a warm welcome and throughout her time working with them she regretted not accepting Right-Away Stores offer. Ultimately, Lisa…show more content…
Now I feel that she was kind of set up not being able to meet the two people she would be working the closest with. According to the Lis Benton case (1994), it was stated that "As was standard procedure at Home Care and other consumer packaging companies, she was informed that she would not know until the first day of work who her boss was, or to what product she had been assigned" (pg. 3). Houseworld failed to connect Benton to her colleagues that she will be spending her time assisting. During the time of the socialization would have a great time for Benton, Scoville, and Linton to bond, get a better understanding of one another and their

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