Lisa Benton's Personality Development

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Introduction Lisa Benton was a highly motivated individual who was focused and ambitious about her career from the get go. Her strong work attitude of “diving in with sleeves all rolled up” made her come across as a very passionate individual who worked hard to achieve her goals. She had a very vivacious personality that made her come across as very friendly. This personality coupled with her strong interpersonal skills gave her the edge to work well with people in getting her goals completed. Apart from such a bubbly personality, Apart from her bubbly personality, she was motivated to work and definitely possessed all the right qualities that would make her an asset for any firm. However, despite her strong personality and work values, she was facing a tough road in Houseworld. This case analysis will dive deeper into the underlying problems…show more content…
what motivates her to perform. As per McClelland’s need theory, Lisa Benton’s need states can be categorized as below High Need for Achievement: Lisa Benton has a high need for achievement whereby she is ambitious in her goals and is driven to achieve excellence. She is goal-oriented i.e. she likes to set goals and drive all her attention to achieving them. Furthermore, she is always seeking feedback from her superiors so that she can continuously improve her skills and abilities. And lastly, she likes autonomy in her work i.e. she wants enough freedom to make her decisions without interference since she feels she is responsible for the work. High Need for Power: This need for power is characterized by the desire to impact the people around. As an ambitious person, Lisa wants to impress her superiors and gain their appreciation which will eventually help her outshine the rest and succeed in her career. However, her need for Power is more personalized in nature since her ambitions are more than altruistic and are focused specifically on individual

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